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Английский язык Лексика Блок 2 РГУТиС

Российский государственный университет туризма и сервиса

Английский язык Лексика Блок 2 РГУТиС

1.Read the text and fill in the blanks with the proper words given after the text.

Britain has more than 90 universities. British universities can be пусто Верно into several categories. The foremost universities are the university of Oxford and the university of Cambridge, both пусто Верно in the Middle Ages. The term Oxbridge is used to refer to both schools as a пусто Верно entity. Another type of university is the so-called redbrick variety - old and solid schools built in the 19th century when bricks were the standard building material. A large number of ultramodern universities that пусто Верно in the last half of the 20th century are often called cement block and plate-glass universities. London has its own great schools, the пусто Верно University of London and its world-famous college, the London School of Economics.

Students interested in пусто Верно education can also attend polytechnics, which are schools пусто Верноto the sciences and applied technology. An education act in 1992 пусто Верно the status of these colleges to universities. Higher education can also be obtained through the Open University, founded in 1969, which offers пусто Верно courses taught through correspondence, television and radio programs, and videocassettes. It also sponsors local study centers and пусто Верно summer schools. The пусто Верно of the Open University is to reach people who may not ordinarily be пусто Верно for university study.

2.Match the definitions with one of the words.

1. Someone who is still at university studying for their first degree. пусто Верно

2. Someone who has successfully completed their first degree. пусто Верно

3. Someone responsible for courses in a private school. пусто Верно

4. Someone who teaches at a college or university. пусто Верно

5. Someone responsible for teaching a small group of students. пусто Верно

6. Someone with the highest academic position in a university. пусто Верно


3 Complete these definitions of subjects people study at university.

1. the study of the human mind and people's behaviour пусто Верно

2. the study of how buildings are designed and constructed пусто Верно

3. the study of the activities of government пусто Верно

4. the study of theories about existence, knowledge and thought пусто Верно

5. the scientific study of substances and how they react пусто Верно

6. the design and building of machines, roads and bridges пусто Верно

7. the study of how to treat illness and injuries пусто Верно

8. the study of farming: producing crops and keeping animals пусто Верно

9. the study of the rules of a country пусто Верно

10. the study of the way society is organized пусто Верно




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