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Английский язык Блок 2 грамматика вариант 1

1. No sightseeing , no shopping: just splashing ____ in the sea




2. He arrived _____ his destination in time.

3. Normally people plan their holidays ____ advance




4. Adult

5. To discover

to decide

to make out

to leam


6. Holiday –maker

7. Ready-made tour package

all travel documents

a list of services

a tour including lodging and meals

8. To sun bathe

to tam

to sun

to bathe

9. There are usually lots of manuals ____ for customers

10. Holiday-making people, as a rule, prefer ____ to the same travel agency

to apply

to visit

to stick

11. If you come back on the 19.00, they would___ you up to the normal fare




12. A traveler knows that_____ satisfying sleep will be his

13. There are no cold hotel breakfast, no ___ staff to tip




14. Go for a long and difficult journey especially on foot

to trek

to ramble

to hike

15. A place where people stay in tents on holiday

16. Accommodation like a hotel but cheaper and fewer services

youth hostel

quest house

holiday camp

17. To travel without much luggage

to travel easy

light travel

to travel light

18. Having experience and taste in matters of culture or fashion

19. I immediately found a tax: which ___ too good to be true




20. I had no desire to _____ the risk of breaking my back




21. I _____ to make a mountain out of a molehill

22. They are both beautiful, and I _____ to either of them

have not gone

have not seen

have not been

23. I _______ a holiday at the end of September

am taking

will take

am going

24. Efficient travel clerk will always help you ____ a decision

25. On the pier you ____ banks and offices

will see

are finding

will find

26. Guests never have ____ the gates of the camp


to live

to leave

27. It is sometimes cheaper to _____ abroad with a package holiday

28. Mother asked me____ her a cabin on a ship

to get

to book

to take

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